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Pro Tips

Metal stamps may disturb the roundness of the rod bore. Paint tool-maker’s layout dye on the rod and cap, then inscribe numbers.

NEVER use bolts to draw down the rod cap.
Locate cap dowel sleeves into the counterbores of the rod. Then, CAREFULLY tap cap into place.

CLEAN all parts thoroughly to remove all dirt and foreign oils.
Spread Oliver bolt lube on the threads and under head of bolt and tighten per instructions below.

BEFORE bolting the oil pan on, set a torque wrench at 50 lb/ft for 7/16 bolt (40 lb/ft for 3/8 bolt, 30 lb/ft for 5/16 bolt), and check all rod bolts.
If any bolt turns before reaching the preset torque, it has not been properly tightened. You must loosen these bolts and tighten them properly.

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Tips and Tricks For Filing Piston Rings

The ring gap allows the expansion of the piston rings in the bore – due to engine heat – without butting the ends up against each other. If there isn’t enough gap and the ring butts up against itself

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